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Babeasy Limited trading as Babeasy

Authorised distributor of Koala Kare

Company number 11375890.

Chelmsford, Essex

Email: Hannah.marsden@babeasy.co.uk

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Infant Seat Cradles

Welcome to Babeasy

Babeasy is a brand dedicated to working with businesses in the hospitality industry which look to target the lucrative young family market. We are a leading distributor of top quality Koala Kare childcare products including changing tables, cradles, high chairs and booster seats. Our services range from supply of single items to offering bespoke distribution packages to meet your businesses individual needs. 


Babeasy is unique in our sole focus on childcare products. Our core values are that of quality, safety and hygiene which we believe are essential in both commercial environments and where children are involved. As competition increases, we can ensure your business offers the top facilities to cater for families with young children. Koala Kare rank number 1 for ease of use, quality, durability, safety and trust. Operating in over 130 countries worldwide Koala Kare is the worlds most recognised brand for commercial childcare products.  


Koala Kare products are aesthetically modern and designed for the commercial environment where strength, safety and lasting quality are of paramount importance. Follow the links below to view our product range or details of our bespoke distribution package. 

The Infant Seat Cradle has arrived in the UK

Our product offering includes the Infant Seat Cradle which Babeasy is exclusively bringing to the UK market. The Infant Seat Cradle is simply designed to safely support a baby’s car seat at table height. The Cradle eliminates the dangerous practice of placing baby seats on unsuitable surfaces while they are too young to sit in a high chair. Businesses can get ahead of their competitors by offering this product to families and providing ease and comfort when they need it most. Follow the link below to learn more about the Infant Seat Cradle and the benefits it provides. 

Why Be Family Friendly?

Research revealed the following:


95% of parents seek out establishments that have child accommodation amenities

Parents are more loyal, visit more often, and spend more money at establishments that provide high quality, well-maintained child accommodation amenities.

70% of parents are more likely to visit businesses with high chairs

 Families will not return to establishments if they have a negative experience with how to accommodate their children

73% of parents are more likely to visit businesses with baby changing stations

Baby changing stations are equal in importance to children's meals

There is a growing cultural expectation to offer family friendly amenities. While providing child protection seats is not a requirement by law, it is essential for businesses that wish to attract families.

8 in 10 parents asked were not happy with the highchairs provided

Having high chairs, boosters and cradles in your dining room let parents know you value their business and increased loyalty can help satisfy your bottom line.

We believe offering these products to customers will in turn benefit your businesses bottom line.

Why Choose Babeasy and Koala?

Highest Product Quality 

Koala Kare have been the world's leading manufacturer of safe and innovative commercial childcare products for over 25 years. Our products are designed with the highest levels of hygiene, durability and compliance. Our extensive product range provides multiple options with differing colours, materials, and installation options.

Advanced health and safety standards

Health and safety on commercial premises is of the upmost importance especially when it comes to providing for young children. The market for childcare products is flooded with cheap but largely unsafe products. In 2017 a 16-month-old died as a result of becoming stuck in their highchair, highlighting the dangers of misuse and unsuitable products. Don't leave your business vulnerable to accidents on your premises.

Leading regulations 

Get ahead of emerging regulations. The United States are at the forefront of regulations which history shows will shortly spread to other nations. The latest US Mandatory High Chair Standard came into effect on the 19th June 2019. Koala Kare responded immediately updating all their high chair models to meet these standards and have more products due for release later this year. 

Exciting innovation 

Babeasy and Koala Kare are launching several new products onto the UK market to enable you to provide a significantly better customer experience for parents.

- The Infant Seat Cradle has been carefully designed to support a baby’s car seat safely at table height, allowing the baby to join the family party for the very first time. The Infant Seat Cradle offers safety, convenience and a significantly enhanced customer experience for families with infants.

- A child protection seat folds out similarly to changing tables and provides a safe place to secure children. This assists parents who have older children to manage while either changing smaller babies or using the facilities themselves.

Environmentally friendly

Babeasy supports and promotes Koala Kare’s environmental philosophy. Baby changing stations incorporate both pre- and post- consumer recycled content and contribute to LEED certification points. Our Designer and ECO High Chairs are made from recycled materials. All Koala products are recyclable.

What we are Shouting about...

Equal Access

All to often we have found that changing facilities are available in the women's bathroom and not the mens. Here at Babeasy we think this is highly discriminatory and campaign for equal access to facilities for all genders. At a time when society is pushing for equality and shared parental responsibility this lack of access to facilities prevents fathers being able to care for their children. 

Have you had a bad experience? Let us know your story.

 Say No to Wood!

Koala Kare is leading the charge and no longer supplies wooden highchairs. This is due to significant evidence of their lack of hygiene, with one report finding wooden highchairs harboured more bacteria than public toilet seats. 

Do you stock wooden highchairs and want to change? Get in touch for advise on alternative products.

Environmentally friendly 

In a world of growing environmental concern we want to do our bit. 

Our baby changing stations incorporate both pre- and post- consumer recycled content. Our Designer and ECO High Chairs are made from recycled materials. All Koala products are recyclable.

Is this also important to you? Get in touch for more information on our environmentally friendly products.