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Babeasy Limited trading as Babeasy

Authorised distributor of Koala Kare

Company number 11375890.

Chelmsford, Essex

Email: Hannah.marsden@babeasy.co.uk

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The Babeasy Story

What we do...

Babeasy is a brand dedicated to working with businesses in the hospitality industry which look to target the lucrative young family market. Our product offering includes changing tables, high chairs, booster seats, child protection seats and the Infant Seat Cradle which Babeasy brought exclusively to the UK market. Our business was founded by Hannah Marsden, shortly after the birth of her first child. Following several instances where a lack of childcare facilities meant Hannah feared for her daughter’s safety she set out on a mission to promote safe and accessible facilities in commercial establishments.  Hannah’s business degree and experience working in industry coupled with her own personal experience with the products makes Babeasy uniquely positioned to offer advice on how to make your establishment child friendly and recommending commercial childcare products.


Offering child friendly facilities has never been more important as 95% of parents seek out establishments that have child accommodation amenities. The market is huge with over 700,000 babies born in the UK every year. Our services range from supply of single items to offering bespoke distribution packages to meet your businesses individual needs. 


We want to work with you to ensure you provide the best possible childcare facilities across your business and in turn help to boost your bottom line. Research suggests parents are the most loyal customers and once they find an establishment which meets their needs they will return again and again.

How we started...

Babeasy started out its journey with one specific product in mind. Here our founder tells her story…

‘I believe the UK hospitality industry should be providing facilities for infants as well as toddlers. Two years ago, I moved to America as a new mum to a 12-week-old and discovered the Infant Seat Cradle which revolutionised my time out as a parent. My husband and I are both massive foodies and love trying out different restaurants whenever we can! We expected this to change when we had a baby as it would become too difficult with Ellie in tow but on discovering the infant seat cradle we realised this didn’t have to be the case. For those who haven’t seen it the Cradle has been carefully designed to support a baby’s car seat safely at table height, allowing your baby to join the family party for the very first time. Taking Ellie out with us had never been easier! She was perfectly placed to interact with us while awake and easily accessible to lift out for a cuddle but put safely down while we enjoyed our food! 


As a parent it’s one of those things you don’t realise how much you are struggling with until someone offers you the solution. There have been so many times I’ve fought to get my pushchair through a restaurant or sat in dread as my babies’ car seat is on the floor or balanced on an unsuitable surface and hot food and drinks are being served around them!


For UK establishments this product is also revolutionary. With restaurants, pubs and cafes setting up in ever diminishing space pushchairs have become the bane of many managers lives as they struggle to accommodate young families. Without knowing any alternative parents have managed but once this product is brought to people’s attention they will wonder why it has taken so long to reach the UK.


Since starting Babeasy we have welcomed my second daughter Rosie into our family and she is my beautiful model for the cradle pictures. I hope I can show the UK hospitality industry that by offering this product they can significantly improve time out for parents - and let’s face it, it’s precious time when you have a small baby!’