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The cradle is designed to support a baby’s car seat raising it to the level of the venues tables. The Cradle safely enables families to have their baby at the table with them before the option of a high chair is viable. ​Having a cradle on hand can help eliminate the dangerous practice of placing baby seats on the floor or balancing them on unsuitable surfaces.

The cradle raises the child to the level of restaurant tables, removing push chairs from aisles and reducing obstruction to your staff, whilst simultaneously allowing parents to easily care for their child.

The Cradle offers safety, convenience and a significantly enhanced customer experience for families with infants.

Benefits of the Cradle include:

  • Infant safety -  Babies are safely held out of the way of hot food and drinks being served.

  • Space Saving – Removes pushchairs from blocking up aisles and can be easily folded and stored away

  • Infant Interaction – Babies can finally join the table and are perfectly positioned for interaction with the family group

  • Improved Customer Experience –provides your most loyal customers with a positive customer experience meaning they will return again and again

  • Manufactured by Koala Kare and meets all safety requirements 

Note: Our Cradles are designed for commercial use only. 

Capture New Customers

Appealing to new parents is the prime time to try and capture new customers. New parents are often vulnerable and looking for establishments which cater for their needs. Once families find an establishment to meet their needs research shows that they are incredibly loyal customers. 

Prices shown are for individual unit sales. For bulk purchases and wider distribution please get in touch via our contact page for bespoke pricing and distribution packages. 

Infant Seat Cradle
Model Number: KB115
Colours: Black, Brown, Blue/White

Price: £79.33

The Infant Cradle is designed to support a baby’s car seat, securing it at a safe and comfortable height. It is ideal for babies while they are too young to sit up on their own in a highchair.

The Infant Cradle has steel legs supported by reinforced cables for strength and durability that suspend a lightweight cradle of mesh fabric which holds the car seat in place. The mesh fabric holds the car seat in position, with an adjustable nylon strap and buckle that fix it securely in place. A removable rod allows the mesh portion of the cradle to be taken off and machine washed. Non-skid, non-marring rubber caps on the feet prevent movement and also protect your floors. The lightweight cradle folds to a compact size for easy storage.

Product Dimensions: Length: 25 1/2”, Width: 21”, Height: 30"

Kidsitter Cradle
Model Number: KB966 (brown legs), KB977 (grey legs)
Seat Colours: Grey, Black, Blue, Brown

Price: £157.37

The Kidsitter Cradle provides the safety and comfort of a high chair while also converting into an infant seat cradle. The Kidsitter is quick and simple to convert as the high chair seat lifts off the base and rotates to rest between the legs of the chair. The product then allows the baby’s car seat to be placed where the high chair seat was previously fixed. A safety strap can be used to secure the car seat in place. It is also made with the latest microban antimicrobial protection technology as used in all our highchairs.


Meets the ASTM F404-18 High Chair Safety Standard.

Product Dimensions: Length: 21¾” (553mm), Width: 16¾" (425mm), Height: 29½” (749mm)